‘Masked Singer’ double-elimination has Ken Jeong in tears

It was an emotional Quite Particular Episode of The Masked Singer this Wednesday, and not just for the reason that we experienced to say goodbye to two Team B contestants, the Serpent and the Whatchmacallit. When choose Ken Jeong, a previous medical doctor himself, found out that the Serpent was none other than singing surgeon Dr. Elvis Francois — whose gorgeous deal with of John Lennon’s “Imagine” went viral again in March, right after it was highlighted on Elton John’s iHeart Dwelling Home Live performance for The usa particular — he was in tears.

“I just have to say, your version of ‘Imagine’ got us via the pandemic, man,” explained a choked-up Ken. “That living area live performance you did on Fox, that was the initial time we noticed it, and in a concert of stars — it was like, Elton John, Billy Joe [Armstrong], everybody — the most effective second of that residing space concert was you. And I informed my spouse, who’s also a doctor, ‘You know, that is what a serious medical professional does, person.’”

Dr. Elvis returned the really like, noting that The Masked Singer is providing a very similar therapeutic service throughout the pandemic. “Patients frequently convert on the television though they are in their healthcare facility beds, and coming in and looking at a patient observing The Masked Singer, placing a smile on their experience, it truly is just an extraordinary way for us to go ahead collectively,” he said.

While Dr. Elvis is in no way quitting his exceptionally significant day work, his as well-quick Masked Singer run (which finished with a last captivating-easy performance of the Jonas Brothers’ “Cool”) proved he is indeed multi-talented. The judges had truly guessed that the Serpent was Daveed Diggs, Usher, John Legend, or Boyz II Men’s Wanye Morris. (I imagined it was Leslie Odom Jr.) So, the excellent health care provider just lately combined his two passions and produced the Tunes Is Drugs EP, that includes his Mayo Clinic colleague and piano accompanist Dr. Will Robinson, to raise money for the Middle of Catastrophe Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund.

“This person is smarter than any health care provider on the earth, and you can find just definitely no a person additional talented than him,” Ken declared. “And I am crying due to the fact I’m jealous that you might be more proficient than me. And I just want you to know, guy, you just bought us as a result of a incredibly complicated time, and we love you so a lot.”

It was an emotionally heightened night for Ken in one more way, because for once, he truly did “know who precisely this is” and guessed the Whatchamacallit properly — as NBA star Lonzo Ball. “Ken, you obtained one thing ideal after in your everyday living!” exclaimed host Nick Cannon, as Ken jumped on his desk for pleasure, Dead Poets Modern society-type. Like Dr. Elvis, Lonzo showed that he as well has some remarkable side-hustle skills, since the judges experienced absolutely pegged the Whatchamacallit (whose past track was “Lean Back” by Terror Squad) as Swizz Beatz or even Tyler, the Creator.

So, this usually means that the Team B’s Seahorse and Crocodile will be moving on to the semifinals, along with Group A’s Sunlight and Popcorn and two TBD contestants from next week’s Team C finals. I’m already pretty particular that the Sunshine is LeAnn Rimes and the Popcorn is Taylor Dayne, but who are Team B’s surviving thriller celebrity cosplayers? Let’s evaluate and guess:

The Seahorse, “…Baby One Extra Time”

After this week’s effectiveness, I could almost feel that this is Britney, b****, performing in disguise in order to escape from her father’s allegedly watchful eye. The Seahorse sounded exactly like Britney! Severely, was this Derrick Barry from RuPaul’s Drag Race? Eh, most likely not, because as Nicole noted, the Seahorse “went to some other stratospheric levels with them vocals.”

The clues: We noticed a Christmas wreath, Nashville very hot hen with pickles, two newborn dolls, and a “spiritual adviser.” We also discovered that the Seahorse was “never in a female team,” so that regulations out anybody from Fifth Harmony, En Vogue, or the Spice Women — but she was “always solo,” so she’s absolutely a professional singer. Earlier clues, verbal and visible, have bundled “chicken of the sea,” feathers, dolphins, rodeos, Daisy Duke shorts, “tug of war,” an “emotion ocean,” rainbows, and “fearlessness.”

Judges’ guesses: Kesha, Kellie Pickler, Sia.

My guess: Several of the Seahorse clues issue to Jessica Simpson, but they appear way way too obvious. That “chicken of the sea” reference is in all probability another sort of fish: a crimson herring! Kesha is a solid guess (she has Nashville connections and an album called Rainbow), as is Kellie (she’s been in various Xmas motion pictures, and she’s a “pickler,” get it?). But I’m continue to contacting it probably and sticking with my primary guess of LGBTQ+ ally and Emotion/Tug of War pop star Carly Rae Jepsen. The Seahorse seems just like Carly (when the Seahorse isn’t sounding just like Britney, that is). Let us just slice to the sensation and crown Carly the Period 4 winner presently!

The Crocodile, “Bleeding Love”

The Crocodile has tested to be a person of this season’s most multipurpose vocalists, extra of a chameleon than a crocodile, shifting from the raspy rock of his 1st-7 days Bon Jovi effectiveness to his personal Britney deal with, “Toxic,” in 7 days two. This third time out, he confirmed even a lot more variety with a electricity ballad, delivering what Robin Thicke identified as his “best vocal” but. And Nicole Scherzinger gushed, “I’m bleeding like above that overall performance!”

The clues: His “ride or die” most effective good friend is famed superstar interviewer, with whom he’s traveled to “six continents.” The Croc star is also an avid gamer who’ll “go stage-by-phase to get the substantial score” and has a “one-keep track of head.” He was also in a “large cult common film.” Other clues this 7 days provided a lottery ticket and a vinyl record earlier clues have involved mentions of a disapproving father, a showbiz childhood stuffed with “heartache and instability,” pineapples, Las Vegas, Italy, and pirates.

Judges’ guesses: Jared Leto, Jordan Knight, Justin Guarini.

My guesses: The whole net seems to consider this is Nick Carter, whose Backstreet Boys experienced a successful Vegas residency and have collaborated with Stage by Stage boy band New Young ones on the Block. And the Crocodile seriously appears like Nick, even if he appears a bit unique just about every time he sings. A fast look at Nick’s IMDB reveals that he was an uncredited further in Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, and he’s also a enormous online video video game dork. So I concur with the net: This bigger-than-existence lounge lizard is likely the BSB heartthrob.

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