Honeymoon Already Shaky: Joe Biden Hits A Nerve On Twitter With Money Plea

President-elect Joe Biden, hat in hand, appealed to voters Friday for funding for his administration’s changeover into the White Property.

Ah, nope would be Twitter followers’ shocked reaction.

“Here’s the deal,” Biden tweeted. “Because President Trump refuses to concede and is delaying the changeover, we have to fund it ourselves and will need your support,” inquiring supporters to “chip in.”

Even though followers on Twitter had been unquestionably not keen to “chip in,” they had heaps of thoughts about how Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris could economize — like “skipping Coachella this 12 months.”

Persons responding had been amused — but also irritated that the president-elect of the world’s wealthiest country, which has handed substantial tax breaks to companies and the wealthy, now has his hand out to the regular American struggling with difficult economic periods just now.

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